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Business Software

Create an ideal work environment that facilitates a faster and easier strategic decision-making process.

Save valuable time for your company staff, by increasing productivity in your company. Improve the role and value of Sales, Support, HR, and Marketing, offering them new opportunities.
I-Digi Services implements customized business software solutions that meet the needs of medium and large businesses, regardless of industry and activity, as well as vertical markets.

The requirements of modern businesses in the enterprise business area require an ERP platform that, in addition to improving business operations, will provide the most insight into market trends and quick adaptation to potential changes. In addition, investing in such a platform should necessarily provide the necessary flexibility and extensibility with the existing or future applications. The innovative, integrated solutions of i-Digi Services aim at the multifaceted and efficient use of their computing systems in the modern, complex and expanded business environment

Increase the trust your customers have and provide the necessary tools to your employees in the sales, marketing, and technical support departments in order to work together, and by reducing the sales cycle of your products and maximizing your profits.
I-Digi Services offers a wide range of customer management solutions (CRM), while the specialized team of Software Development undertakes the progress, customization, and support with absolute success depending on your specific needs.
CRM solutions from i-Digi Services encompass everything from first customer contact to after-sales support while allowing you to automate your customer relationship management with regard to your day-to-day operations related to all individual business segments.

• Business Intelligence
In today’s world, the success of a business, but often its own survival, depends on the quick and right decisions that it takes. Business Intelligence systems collect and process data from various sources of the business by providing quick information that is being used by management. I-Digi Services has BI solutions that refer to businesses and organizations of varying sizes and activities. The company successfully provides Business Intelligence solutions based on internationally-acclaimed products to large companies

• Vertical Solutions
The experience of i-Digi Services, through its dozens of integrated projects, allows the company to offer specialized ERP and CRM solutions that meet the specific business requirements of specific industries while adding extra benefits and capabilities. Based on SAP and Softone's ERP and CRM Business Software, the specialized solutions developed by i-Digi Service’s Software Development team are for the following business sectors:

  • Energy Industry 
  • Publishing Industry 
  • Shipping Industry 
  • Automotive Industry 
  • Hospitality Industry 
  • Retail Industry 
  • Healthcare Industry 
  • Real Estate Industry