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Cloud Solutions 

The exploitation of Cloud solutions will allow your business to achieve more in less time utilizing the resources of huge Data Center and IT services without the cost of maintenance or management.

The integration of cloud computing gives the opportunity to your employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, it can drastically reduce costs while increasing your productivity. Our experts understand both the technology and the transformative path that your business will have to cross in order to make the most out of Cloud services.

Cost reduction
Cost management within each organization is critical. i-Digi Services, can offer solutions and support specifically designed to provide a stable IT environment, eliminating risk and reducing costs in your business.

Improving Communication
Improving communication in any business also involves how to improve your team's communication and efficiency. If you are discussing development plans or the next steps for your business, trying to solve a customer issue or reduce and eliminate the lost time you are looking for documents or even keeping your teams connected, then i-Digi Services has many solutions that can help your business.

Work anywhere
By getting the best business advice, solutions, and services, i-Digi Services can help your business not only keep your data safe on multiple sites and devices, but also allowing you to work anywhere at anytime.

Cloud Solutions

Sharepoint Migration & Development

Sharepoint is included in most Office 365 licensing packages but is often not used effectively. We can show you the true value of Sharepoint, create customized streams, and make sure your business gets the most out of every license.

• SME Email Migration

Fewer users do not necessarily mean migration. Preparation is always required and regardless of size, the biggest part of the transition process remains the same. We ensure that all of your business data is safely transferred to the Office 365 platform.

• Large Enterprise Migration

Business migration includes thousands of users, shared mailboxes & compound rights. With planning and scheduling prior to migration, our specialists can help you ensure that migration is being completed smoothly.

• Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft offers a range of Office 365 licenses. Choosing the right license ensures that users have access to the necessary applications, and administrators have the features and levels of control they require.

• Mobile Device Management

Microsoft Intune works directly with Office 365 and Azure AD. It can be applied quickly to ensure company data protection. With our help, policies can be created to meet the needs of your business.

• Office 365

Office 365 can reduce both capital and operating costs. It provides the most cost-effective solution for maintaining any business running up-to-date software. Simple, automatic updates of both Microsoft productivity tools and server products such as Exchange and Skype for Business enable each staff member to concentrate on more profitable tasks. By switching to cloud, we do not need to invest in hardware and server space, backup systems, upgraded network infrastructure, or basic level security software.
The flexibility of Office 365 licensing allows businesses to increase or reduce freely their number of licenses. The impact on business is important, as wasting resources can be eliminated as license numbers are directly related to the number of users. Predicable subscription charges allow easy budgeting in continuous monthly or annual payments.

• Enterprise Mobility Suite

Enterprise Mobility Suite is Microsoft's integrated Cloud solution. Provides complete protection and security at low cost.
EMS provides very low monthly service packs per user. The package includes: Identity management, Mobile Device Application Management, Data Protection and Advanced threat detection. Single sign-on allows applications to be used on multiple devices with built-in support for thousands of SaaS applications.
EMS allows IT departments to configure settings on multiple platforms from a single console. This saves significant time as changes do not have to be done individually on different platforms and all changes are the same throughout the company. The ability to selectively remove applications and data increases security levels through greater control and eliminates the risk of data leakage after employees exit. IT managers can make more changes remotely.

• Azure

Microsoft Azure is the Microsoft cloud platform that aims to transform the traditional data center, offering the ability to deliver flexible services as well as serving users who want to continue working from anywhere with any device in a structured and secure way. From the large multinationals that are expanding in different continents and need to share large computing loads, to the small company looking for the quick creation of a web site with a global presence, Microsoft Azure is a platform that can turn the cloud into a tool for serving each business needs.