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Digi Real Estate ERP Software

Digi Real Estate ERP Software is an advanced web-based, dynamic software package that automates all business processes for the real estate industry. It provides a fully integrated cycle for operations, finance, and facility management. It manages the relationships between your business, buyers, sellers, real estate and the various sales and marketing management processes. I-DigiServices, with Digi Real Estate, allows your business to effectively improve its business process with the existing workflow. I-DigiServices saves both time and money, reducing the possibility of human error.
Key Advantages

  • More Leads (integrate advertising in multiple websites, portals, social media and more)
  • Increase response time (display all the details of sales pipeline immediately to increase productivity and start forming strategy)
  • Automated sales process (increase sales productivity through automated processes)
  • Real Estate Property Management Solution

  • Work in different languages, on servers in any country to achieve the best possible SEO
  • Convert conversion rates into questions

  • Manage all contacts in one place
  • Categorize contacts based on properties
  • Automatically create real estate proposals, send email and real estate data directly from the system
Real Estate Management

  • Keep all the real estate details in one place
  • Customize descriptions and the feature lists in any language
  • Create lists of interested clients when a new property is added
Mailing Lists

  • Group contacts and send emails quickly
  • Use templates to accelerate personal and bulk emails
  • Automate recording of all emails and events in contacts and properties

  • Distribute properties in multiple language to hundreds of global real estate portals
  • Quickly build new feeds compliant with any other system on the market
  • Accept incoming feeds from partner agents, MLS systems (Multiple Listing Service) and any other marketing source  

  • Reports regarding offers that have closed in ‘won’, new lists and new customers
  • Forecast of future sales and transactions
  • Reports regarding cost per customer, cost per sale and quality of customers from each marketing source
Advanced Dashboarding Functionalities
The customer-oriented design and development of Real Estate Software offers a customized user interface according to your needs, which will give you exactly what you need from the solution.
  • Property Features Dashboard
  • Property Features Dashboard
  • Property Features Dashboard
Property Features Dashboard, Fixed Expense Management & Lease Calculation Dashboard.
Clientele in the Real Estate Industry
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